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Tomasz Królikowski

Chef / Culinary Advisor

Knowledge, experience, quality and professionalism

Knowledge - A great know-how of a product, strong code of etiquette.
Experience - A long-standing practice, teamwork, motivation.
Quality – Every detail is important.
Professionalism – A culinary expert with 20 years of international experience

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Taste and smell on a plate add glamour and elegance to all ingredients and impact our judgements

Personally, apart from cooking itself, I’m keen on planning and coordinating top class projects, promotional events and culinary workshops for both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike. However, I’m always willing to take on new tasks and a single day events that need to make a lasting impression.

As many of you know, I derive my inspiration from seasonal and local products to create delightful, unique and truly mouth-watering menu. Taste and smell are priorities in my culinary philosophy, supported with simplicity and repeatability.

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"Everyday lives and working alongside people truly inspire me. Leading a show-cooking and culinary workshops organized for the companies associated with FMCG (like the ones in Kruszwica, Żywiec, Ustronianka) fulfill myself. My other passion is to have the young people enchanted with good eating habits, which in fact should be taught from a very young age."

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